Ideas as tools



PRONTO: it means “now” in English, “soon” in Spanish, “ready” in Italian and Portuguese, and from its Latin root, “on behalf of.”

PRONTO is based on the belief that creative work is a vital step in solution-building, the process of layering understanding around a problem or question. Through creative work, people share experiences, information, and philosophy about how we relate to the world and how to improve it.

Through publishing relevant and curated content, PRONTO produces ideas as tools to ready people for facing today's biggest cultural, social, and personal challenges.

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About the Founder and CEO

Trevor Kaiser Allred, co-founder and manager of the 1888 Center, a cultural center dedicated to storytelling, earned his M.A. in English, with a dual emphasis in Creative Writing and Critical Theory, from California State University, Fullerton in May 2017.

In the fall of 2017, Trevor traveled through Europe, visiting 11 countries and 30 cities. During this time, he wrote 3 books, took language-proficiency exams, and observed the world as a global citizen.

Upon returning to California, Trevor dedicated his time to growing the 1888 Center, focusing on community outreach and programming, cultural multi-media projects, and oral history preservation, working with institutions and people such as California Civil Liberties Public Education Program and Michael Shermer. In this time, he also wrote an additional 3 books.

PRONTO is his next step, a project nurtured from his trust for the word, focused on building and sustaining a culture of responsibility, diversity, and thought-provoking ideology.